Last Minute Roadtrip To SLC,UT!


When I thought it was important to take 10 pictures of my feet.

Oh my goodness! I’m going to Salt Lake City today! *laughs nervously* For a SOLID WEEK! Okay, laundry √  charge camera batteries √ tell my housemate √ SO MANY THINGS. My RoadTrip here!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a great storyteller.” Ibn Battuta

This video is great! It will start at his final comments on what he learned during his travels. Watch it! It will only be 5 min!


Must See Places In SLC!


Walt Disney Concert Hall


Got to √ this one off my bucketlist. Such a cool place to take pictures! The building was something out of this world. I felt like I was walking in a dream. Not to mention the beautiful fountain, the peaceful gardens, and the mazes through the mirrored walls.


0018 as Smart Object-1

Laguna Beach, CA

SO TRAVEL. MUCH PLACES. haha… Being stuck at home without a car leaves oneself to much travel pondering and planning…and creating a master list of all the coolest places in Southern California. Even though my brain works at a slow 1mph…#ConsussionProbs…I have periods of time when I want to do and see EVERYTHING. (well maybe not everything, but the really beautiful things) One of my guy friends keeps a google maps collection of secret places nearby that are travel-worthy. Some are listed below…the rest…via hours on google.


 Museums & Gardens

Stores, Fooood, & Nightlife

Hikes & Nature

THIS^ is my summer bucketlist of place to explore!